©2019 by New Vintage.

You know the words. You know the moves. Come relive the moments!

Collectively, members of our group have opened for:

April Wine, Snoop Dogg, 54/40, and Classified (to mention a few)

as well as played Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa Jazz Fest, Montreal Jazz fest

and double as recording artists (see professional highlights promo below). 


New Vintage delivers top hits from the

50s/60s: Isley Brothers, Ray Charles

70s: Shocking Blue, Fleetwood Mac, Gloria Gaynor, & the Bee Gees,

80s: Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, A-ha, Queen, & Journey,

90s: Shania Twain, Backstreet Boys & Spice Girls,

and of course Top 40s and country favorites too! 


Upcoming Gigs

Looking forward to partying with you!


January 17th          Greenfields, Ottawa, ON

January 25th         Chez Putters, Aylmer, QC

March 17th             Mont Ste Marie,  QC

April 4th                  Lasso Live, Pembroke, ON

November 21st      Private Corporate, TBD, ON

December 12th      Private Corporate, TBD, ON


January 19th         Greenfield's, Ottawa, ON

February 9th         Lasso Live, Pembroke, ON

March 16th            Mont Ste-Marie, QC

May 18th                RAXX, Kingston, ON

June 1st                 Lasso Live, Pembroke, ON

June 30th              Cedar Cove Resort, ON

July 16th                Chelsea Days, Chelsea, QC

July 19th                House of Targ, Ottawa, ON

August 20th          World Exchange Plaza, ON

October 20th         Municipality Chelsea, QC

November 2nd     Lasso Live, Pembroke, ON

November 16th    RAXX, Kingston, ON

November 23rd    Corporate Event, Ottawa, ON

December 13th     Lasso Live, Pembroke, ON

December 31st      Mont Ste-Marie, QC


Dedicated to delivering "a night to remember"

New Vintage is a professionally seasoned 5-piece cover band delivering all the favorite tunes. You want pop? we got it. You want rock? we got it. You want country? dance? vocal harmonies? guitar solos? engaging high energy showmanship? WE GOT IT!



Ottawa, ON, Canada